Featured image for utilizing hotel marketing for in-room requests.

Utilizing Hotel Marketing for Hotel In-Room Requests and More

Updated 11/1/2022 Business texting for the hotel industry allows hoteliers to stay in to...
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Featured image for sms customer service solutions.

SMS Customer Service Solutions

Updated 12/07/2022 Customer service inquiries require careful time and attention. TextSa...
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Featured image for why you need a robust text messaging application.

7 Reasons You Need a Robust Text Messaging Application

Updated 12/07/2022 There are many software applications that are made to help businesses...
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Featured image for text message data collection.

Text Message Data Collection: Getting Multiple Data Points from Consumers

Updated 12/07/2022 If you are considering getting a business level text messaging platfo...
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Featured image for The Business Owner’s Guide to Dedicated Short Codes

How to Get SMS Short Codes for Text Messaging

Updated 11/1/2022 There’s been a lot of buzz around short codes in text message marketin...
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Featured image for using text messaging for customer service requests.

Using Text Messaging for Customer Service Requests

Updated 11/1/2022 Customer service can make or break a company’s reputation. If customer...
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Featured image for using TextSanity in unconventional ways.

11 Unconventional Ways to Use TextSanity

Updated 12/2/2022 As an SMS marketing platform, TextSanity’s seamless technology proves ...
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Featured image for scheduling a text in 3 simple steps.

How to Schedule a Text Message in 3 Simple Steps

Updated 11/1/2022 Scheduling text messages in advance is not only nice but necessary. Yo...
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Featured image for large organizations to stay in touch via mass sms.

Mass SMS is the best way for a large organization to stay in touch

Updated 12/2/2022 A large organization depends on strong organizational communication. E...
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Featured image for an sms marketing platform to send mass texts easily.

SMS Marketing Platform to Easily Send Mass Text Messages

Updated 11/4/2022 Thankfully, yes. If you’re a small business looking for an SMS marketi...
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Featured image for why you might be getting spam texts.

Why Am I Getting Spam Texts?

The rise of personal cell phones led to the rise of spam text messages. It’s no longer u...
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Featured image for text marketing laws that every marketer should know.

Text Marketing Laws Every Marketer Should Know

Since the dawn of the Information Age, marketers relentlessly try to win the hearts and ...
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