Featured image for sending bulk text messages from a computer.

How to Send Bulk Text Messages from a Computer

Updated 11/1/2022 TextSanity is a user-friendly bulk SMS software where you easily send ...
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Featured image for SMS keyword campaigns.

What is an SMS Keyword Campaign?

Updated 11/1/2022 The rubber really hits the road in text message marketing with keyword...
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Featured image for building your marketing list via opt-in text messaging.

Opt-In Text Messaging: How to Build your Marketing List

Page updated 10/19/2022 A text message marketing list is the best way for any self-respe...
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Featured image for reaching a larger audience via SMS broadcasting.

Reach a large audience by mass text message

Page updated 10/19/2022 It’s simple, with TextSanity’s CRM. Our customer relationship ma...
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Featured image for a CRM with Text & SMS Marketing.

CRM with Texting and Mass SMS Marketing

Page updated 10/19/2022 Yes! The great news is that there is a CRM that can send mass te...
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Featured image for the TCPA & Text Message Marketing Laws.

Text Message Laws and The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)

The TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) is a federal regulatory statute that legal c...
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